Why is Sarah taking on the world?!

This is my first ever blog post, so I should start at the beginning. I’m Sarah, and I really am a small town girl. I am from a small village in rural Northern Ireland. More recently, I have been living in ‘the big smoke’, otherwise known as Belfast.

I recently made a decision to jet off and see some of this wonderful world.  Since making this decision, people have asked me why I want to do this. Why I didn’t do it when I was younger.  Why I waited to over a year after I graduated to make the plunge. Why this point in my life.

There are many reasons why I am doing this :

  1. Time seems perfect. I’ve just finished a temporary job with no chance on the horizon of the permanent one coming up.
  2. I am afraid of ending up in a rut. I saw so many people in my job that seemed to be just happy chugging along with the same routine for years on end. I don’t want that. I want to be excited every day and life to be an adventure (we shall see how that goes!)
  3. I want to try lots of different McDonalds food. Yep – this reason as much as any of the more serious ones listed. I wanna see what else there is out there that isn’t a Quarter Pounder with cheese or a sharebox (never, ever make me share) of McNuggets.
  4. I want to experience and learn more about other cultures. There’s so much history in south east Asia and I want to see it for myself and be a part of the culture.
  5. There are no theme parks in Northern Ireland. I like a good rollar coaster and NI just isn’t cutting the mustard on this one. (My sincerest apologies to Barry’s in Portrush)

Actually, scratch that – I’m going travelling because I wanna.

What makes you wanna travel? Where is the one place in the world you want to go before you die?


4 thoughts on “Why is Sarah taking on the world?!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world Sarah. I travel to learn and discover. The amount of experience you live while traveling teaches you a lot and develop one’s personality. Africa is on the top of my bucket list. Happy blogging, looking forward to reading about your travel adventures.


  2. Hi Sarah, I randomly went traveling with some friends 11 years ago, just left my job and went, my friends had just finished uni. I was slightly older. I can say 100% it’s the best decision I ever made, saw some amazing places and met some wonderful people, the experiences are priceless. Go for it, don’t plan too much, you will never regret it. As for me it all worked out, came home, got a great job, married and now have a 6 month old who I now have started blogging about.. Enjoy!!


    • Thank you so much for your helpful advice!! You really have done it all. I’m so glad you enjoyed your travels and you are loving life now! Can’t wait to read about your different kinda adventures.

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