Dining at Rocket and Relish

Rocket and Relish is one of the closest restaurants to my home in Belfast.  Slim’s Healthy Kitchen is slightly closer, however, apart from the garlic aioli I don’t particularly enjoy the menu and the service is the worst I’ve experienced in the city. Anyway, when Mum came to visit and we wanted to go and eat somewhere close to home, Rocket and Relish is the obvious option.

cow rocket and relish lisburn road belfast

R&R is on the Lisburn Road (opposite the police station) and  they have just celebrated their fifth birthday. They specialise in ‘handcrafted burgers’, but believe that the meal is brought together by their sides.

We arrived at approximately 18.00 on a weekday evening and on arrival, we had the place to ourselves. I found this peculiar as it was always packed when I had been there previously. We enjoyed being the only customers and the service that brought while it lasted.

The decor has changed from my last visit. There were cow pictures everywhere. So much so, I thought I was back in Fermanagh. It did make me feel at home.

cow rocket and relish lisburn road belfast

There are a wide selection of burgers to choose from. Some beef, chicken and there are two vegetarian options. They have added sliders to the menu , and you can order as many as you want depending on how hungry you are. I decided to have the Salsa (beef) burger and Mum went for the Caesar (chicken) burger. We got some sweet potato fries to share. To drink, we were recommended frozen lemonade.

Our drinks arrived promptly, complete with a paper-like straw (which goes to mush after a while) and they did not disappoint. I love the bitterness of lemon and this had a good kick to it. I enjoyed my burger as well, although I did sneak out some of the rocket (sssh, don’t tell anyone – I’m not the biggest fan of my greens) but the salsa and all the other trimmings were great. The burger was succulent and juicy. I have no complaints. The sweet potato fries had a great crunch and were very tasty. Mum and I had to fight over them, however I am glad we had one portion to share as the burger was very filling (I’d made the mistake of ordering too many sides before).

caesar burger rocket relish lisburn road belfast

Caesar burger and frozen lemonade

salsa burger rocket relish lisburn road belfast

Salsa burger with sweet potato fries

As we were eating our meal, the restaurant started to look as I had remembered it. The takeaway area was filled with people coming and going.  There wasn’t a table spare within the restaurant either. Although it was incredibly busy, we still got personal service and food was being served quickly.

rocket relish lisburn road belfast

With great food and attentive service, Rocket and Relish is definitely one of my firm favourites along the Lisburn Road.

Practical Information:

Rocket & Relish, 479 – 481 Lisburn RoadBelfast, County Antrim.  Tel: 028 9066 5655

Email:    Website: http://rocketandrelish.com/


Burgers: £5.99 – £11.50

Sides: £2.30 – £4.00

Lunchtime meal deal: £6.95

Have you been here before? Where else can I get a good burger?


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